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Native American Entertainment Network 03/10

Native American Entertainment Network (NAE Network) (www.naenetwork.com) presents free web-based, video content featuring Aboriginal stories and news. As a voice for Indigenous Peoples, NAE Network provides an important avenue for cultural representation in mainstream media. The launch on February 20, 2010, was groundbreaking because Indigenous Peoples across North America are now able to share their stories with the rest of the world through one website.

Historically there have been few, if any, programs about Indigenous Peoples that have been accessible to the general public. NAE Network is the first site of its kind in the U.S. to bridge this gap, with a goal to preserve cultures and traditions of tribes across the continental United States, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska. The website offers viewers a look into the incredibly diverse worlds of many North American cultures through documentaries, news magazines, dramas and cultural specials.

"Native American Entertainment Network is an empowering resource for all Indigenous Peoples of North America," says renowned Tlingit storyteller, performer and NAE Network Board Member Gene Tagaban. "It provides a means for our People to tell their stories and come together through the arts—strengthening a sense of pride and honor in who we are historically and moving forward into the future."

NAE Network is aimed at both Native and non-Native audiences with content to interest all viewers. The network is continually adding new stories and features to their online library. Video categories include: news, government, sports, health and wellness, lifestyle, arts and entertainment, history and biography, culture and tradition. Other features highlight news, resources and events relevant to North American indigenous communities.

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